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Thermal Relief Valve 3/8” NPT


American Hydro Clean 3/8 inch NPT Thermal Relief Valves keeps pressure washer pumps operating in a safe range to prevent overheating. When water temperatures reach above 145° F, pump seals may fail. The thermal relief valve opens to release hot water and allow cold water to enter the pump so it continues to operate at a safe temperature. Should the pump ever overheat, the thermal relief valve must be replaced.

  • Thermal Relief Valve is used to prevent a Pressure Washer Pump from overheating if running in bypass for extended periods of time
  • Valve opens at 140° discharging hot water from pump and allows cool water in
  • Maximum pressure 200 PSI (valve is mounted to low pressure inlet of pumps)
  • Item is made of Brass
  • Includes flow directing cap
  • Number of items: 1   
  • Lower Temp Rating: 40° F
  • Measurement System: US
  • Brand Name: American Hydro Clean
  • Height: 0.5”
  • Inside Diameter: 0.0”
  • Model Number: TRV38-1AK
  • Width: 0.5”