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Second Story Nozzle Kit


American Hydro Clean nozzles are made in USA for ultimate spray performance. This kit includes one Jet Soap and one Jet Flush nozzle which allows you to clean hard to reach areas without using a ladder. These nozzles are designed to project water and chemicals at greater distances than standard nozzles. Fits most gas pressure washers up to 4000 PSI with a quick connect fitting on lance.

  • Kit includes everything you need to clean the second story of your home or hard to reach areas
  • Made in USA
  • Include Jet Soap and Jet Flush
  • Can also be used with a Quick Connect Wand
  • Max pressure 4000 PSI
  • Number of items: 2  
  • Lower Temp Rating: 40° F
  • Measurement System: US
  • Brand Name: American Hydro Clean 
  • Max Flow Rate: 5 gal / min.
  • Material: Brass Height: 1”
  • Inside Diameter: 0.0”
  • Model Number: PWNKIT-SECSTORY Width: 1”